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Presidency, which was nicknamed ISTova Scotia. The king appointed
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regard to the digestion of meat, if the vomiting occur during the time
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Colonel R. S. S. Baden-Powell, F. S. Wilson, Lucien
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kind. I believe, however, that our success will depend not more upon
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lienne). Rec. d'opht., Par., 1895,3. s., xvii, 539-542.— Aba-
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severest part the wholesome and necessary restraint
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fibres remaining healthy becomes greater and greater as we reach the large
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much of the writing, speaking, and acting of the present day.
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off their bed covering at night. Grown people in good health
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of the ganglia of the cardiac plexuses, or to a disturbance
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to malaria, that if those men had been a little more careful in their
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(Fig. 3). In a few of the sections a very large plexus is
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same effect. In a large town we are as well acquainted with
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There are two ways in which such an abscess may be attacked with
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College. By so acting we express a wish to do you an honour,
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selves confronted with almost universally dangerous filth disposal sys-
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The pathology of appendicitis which interests us is not only
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loop. The fluid drained ofl*, adhesive in- 1 cases, depends upon contraction of the canal
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the objection that Scotland was a poor country, why that was
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cells that make up the infiltration have the character of embryonic
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of . sodium to obtain the effect of chlorine, either
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around this foreign body until the urates are finally
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of one-twentieth grain doses of pilocarpine in conjunction with the hot-
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in some seasons than in others, and especially common when there
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in different individuals, the gravedo or sense of fulness and heaviness
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given to the student before he enters the medical school. Here
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six or seven weeks, frequently ; — and that during the last two years, she
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gists in various parts of the world, to be associated with emphysema-
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lence, which deepens into stupor and finally coma. Unconsciousness is
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The patient is extremely constipated and has lost 15 pounds in weight.