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ter. c) What makes pain worse or better? d) Why does
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made upon persons labouring under disease. We think it
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from which the small and ill-shaped end-grains were sepa-
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sixth day, to bring away about a teaspoonful of strawberry seeds., the resi-
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University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington; Associate
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no more than a "thrilling sensation when the hand is
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important of which, as regards health, are temperature, humidity, and
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importance to us. Perhaps, at first thought the average man would
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in the dorsal portion of which can be seen the opening of the cephalic
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These two cases show very clearly that the time has not yet arrived
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Dr. L. A. S. BcJdine, who formerly taught so popularly in the University of
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of my assertion, only one has shaken my belief in its truth. In
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discharge of thick yellow mucus. (Dgn. 3rd day, 5th day.)
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by prompt surgical intervention, although it can not be
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The Seizure of Dead Bodies for Debt. — One of the curious questions
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cholera, plague, and African tic fever. Reed, Carroll, and
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clear to everyone that small things often have a great
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periostitis is circumscribed and very painful ; slight pressure may cause the
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coming on more slowly, and in a chronic form, there is the same
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that a person cannot recover damages for an injury when
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often is equal in extent on the two sides, thus furnishing an e
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Sclerosis of Esophageal Varices, Colonic Polypectomy
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as prompt treatment may be lifesaving. In this paper we
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others fail to do. Certainly those who do nothing have no right
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larged pharyngeal tonsil. It occurs most frequently in
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cles, and other parts. Heredity, gout, rheumatism, func-
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sels of the trunk. In anaemic cases, the application of the
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the efficacy of intestinal drainage, but those of U5 who had
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indefinite signs and groups of symptoms which, unless we are on our
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J. W. S. GOULEY, M.D., 324 Madison Avenue, New York City.
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gastrectasis, although whether these may be etiologically linked together
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one of them, and yet as able as the most celebrated of
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