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likewise a very superior substance for making absorbent

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the arteries or artery leaving an aneurismal sac, as has beea

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with four arrows, all through the lung. He was alive when I reached him,

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August 5th. — The patella is found broken transversely

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once more and kept in the bowel for some weeks, after which

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tal activity ; its arteries and veins become elongated and enlarged ; its

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For the aftertreatment of nerve injuries Heinemann ad-

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tuberculosis was infectious would argue an unfamiliarity with

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the throat, found my landmarks, and in another instant

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body, never produced half the effect upon the mind which is caused by the

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have used nothing but ether, or chloroform for the past four

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rated in a paper read at the American Psychiatric Association

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ing for a long time undigested. This very soon becomes rancid, or

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therefore supposed to be connected with nutritive cells at

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tion, as the ptyalism and other symptoms of its ad-

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possiljly be produced only by the combined action of the separate already

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W'as read by title and referred to the Sub-Committee.

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is applied to an analogous affection of the nervous centres and some other

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account of the complications which may occur in various organs.

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of the genitals in such cases shows something abnormal : the testicles

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partial suppression by the same means gives rise to febrile

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ing more rigid and exacting. Under these hopeless con-

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Dec. 12///. — Crepitation now audible over left back. Lithates in urine more abun-

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the back of his head. The distance to which it can be

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formed into a yellowish, greasy-looking mass of uniform consistence, into the

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given in the form of small doses of the perchloride, one twenty-fourth of