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undergo such extreme dilatation as to offer a mechanical impediment to

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in any operation. Quinine was ordered and tinct. op. ;

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studies of Conklin and Hacker). What is the simplest — we do not say

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Townson'a researches. The views of Dr. Mitchell, and the experiments by

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the remaining abdominal viscera appeared normal, save

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available for study, Reichmann found 14 with anterior ure-

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the hair and skin smooth and soft. When the circulation is inter-

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The foUowino- is De Haen's account of tlie disease among the miners of Idria more

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anthracosis (coal-miner*s lung), chalicosis (stone-mason's lung),

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nausea and giddiness, with frequent retching, and his eyesight seemed blurred ;

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aid to an ordinary diagnostic aid. I do not refer to the

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As an organization accredited for continuing medical education by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education,

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been done that ingenuity can suggest, resort to gen-

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3. Application of cold, a painful remedy, is often indicated.

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no tenderness. The liver and kidneys were not palpable. Ex-

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him, he having charge of the SmaU-pox Hospital, and being

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cranial pressure be kept under control by that means.

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the vegetable world, between heat and vital action ; nor can

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Illustrative cases are given which are both interesting in themselves and

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week, infusion of bark and snakeroot, with a little wine, were allowed,

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quote his own language. " If we know nothing of the re-

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These circumstunces seem to point out very clearly the means to be adopted

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"who was exophthalmic with great cardiac disturbance."

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in syphilis, as sulphur ointment was in scabies, or whether

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reported in pediatric patients, however, the low usage

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tlie disease ran its full course. One of them was very sick. I

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manipulation ; we accordingly put our patient under

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There are all sorts of difficulties in the way of any satisfactory explanation

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