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designs and interferes that it shall be so. It aims to produce-

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cated by the profuse effusion of glutinous phlegm into the air-cells

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relics of saints, and bones of martyrs were consid-

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where in the writing of the older authors, together with the remark

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interest to all those in charge of fever hospitals. As a scientiiic society

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Although several varieties of scarlatina are described by

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on technical and scientific subjects, and to do so at all he must

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bed for a few days with a slight attack of influenza. After that it was

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because the treatments are entirely different. Therefore, the

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Regung as Snell puts it. 30 It has probably the widest range of meaning

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1889, ii, 177-202, 2 pi. . Tre altri casi di cisticerco ocu-

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(13) (Text-fig. 11). From another batch preserved in Maier's fluid-

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determine with absolute accuracy the effects of a mechanical

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nutritive and digestive qualities; and the principles and pro-

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In due time the patient was supplied with an artificial limb,

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observed ; but rarely has it been necessary in my experience to

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This, which might be thought the result of momentary im-

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frequently than in women. It has been attributed to syphilis, and to

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generally, which is here referred to ; for every one is aware how readily and qnickly an im-

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and less troublesome, it at once took its place as the ancesthetic. The

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now, some eight months later, he has the perfect use of

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is declining. Their proportionate frequency is very variable. According

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of black paper or card-board a short distance back of them, about half the

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mate for tuberculosis depends on the time spent out of doors

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(Fig. 3) was taken 3 minutes later. Pulsations became slightly

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ance of light. He convalesced rapidly, after taking arsenic

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danslafievretyphoide. These. 80 pp., 21., 1 pi., 12 figs. 4°. Paris. [W^.]

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twist of one complete turn. The spiral portion passes on into

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— Gonorrha^i is so generally looked upon as a benii;n

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By Kansom Pickard, Colonel, C.B., C.M.G., A.M.S.(T.F.),

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Maeyi,— Dr. Wliitmore states—" During the five ■n'eeks

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The art of alchemy is commendable and belongs in truth to the

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ment, which eliminates even the excitement and stress of being ad-

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in the operation. If the needle be in the chest wall the manometer

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The London Practitioner, referring to the paucity of

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as though there was a-dema of the connective Mm or very