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upon the mouths of the Eustachian tubes at the same moment that

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Instead of detailing this important fact under the head of res-

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1. Griffen WO, Bivins BA, Rogers EL, el al. Cholecystokinin

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Bukht-Yishu', who died about a.d. 830. According to

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pletely local, and in which the growth is of a superficial character. In such,

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cardie, Amiens. 1887, v, 8. — ITliyake (S.) [A ease of

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gaoler. He forcibly describes his sufferings from this cause,

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Precautions: In elderly and debilitated, limit dosage to smallest effective amount

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(d) No. of cases in hospital at their maximuin ten days after suspension of traffic (c) on March 16.

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In applying this theory to chancroid, I first desire to

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familiar, perhaps grotesque, but intensely human words of

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the greatest dangers that ever befell a man, yet we knew,

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temporal convolutions ; while what he termed " word-blindness " holds a

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form a posterior flap. This contains the urethra, which

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an abscess which required puncturing. Mr. Arnott put a lancet

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As already noted, the symptoms are similar to those of infranuclear paral>?ii,

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Association the propriety of doing something in its collective

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dissolved by the pancreatic juice. Hence the amount of connective-tissue remains

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tion of milk have been the point of departure for the greater number

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The delay at the vulva is often further increased by intense

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B. It enables the doctor to collect his account from a dece-

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developments of this treatment for the cure of almost

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erative changes on the opposite side also indicated the same

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(c) Careless use of rectal dilators and enema tubes in the hands of patients.

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ber of cases of this disease in the Massachusetts Gen-

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dead of pyaemia, to which I now desire to direct attention. The red

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It is evident, to begin with, that this was not a corti-

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tractions, a number of other matters come into consideration, such

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tinue until the early part of the second week. Er%i:hema, roseola, or urti-