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W. P. Defriez, M.D., Woburn ; W. G. Hanson, M.D., Everett ;
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both profession and laity than has diphtheria ; nor is this to be
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New York City, and many of his ideas were adopted and incor-
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bership in this Society and their services are as follows :
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Obscure Causes, notably from Secluded Pus Formations;" ' 'Deliv-
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which Lea Brothers have presented his fine work to the profes-
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These illustrations, with the confusion that exists among differ-
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we conclude that its mode of action is at first very slightly irri-
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Nasal Catarrh. — M. B., printer; aged twenty ; chronic catarrh
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early childhood was passed on his father's farm. ,\t an
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it, done admirably for him, the work he lacks leisure to do for
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birds with one stone; viz., to supply in one and the same work
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the disease — have been restored to health through the mind-
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Cholecystotomy, with Special Reference to the Treatment
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soft ground), it is quite possible that the shock of the fall as-
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While so much has been accomplished in hygiene, it is dis-
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of the muscular fibers. This is generally occasioned by too violent muscular
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principles, but wine is often ill borne by chlorotic girls, being apt to cause
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rear, but also the wounds that are treated at the front,
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mediately returned to Utica to succeed Dr. Benedict, who had re-
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each prover during the different series. This applies chiefly to
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soft parts adjacent were crushed; and the wound was filled with
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rator, and always unwilling to use the knife without a good
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over the question of climate. I might, indeed, have condescended
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general health, though enfeebled, may be fairly good. The intel-
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his knowledge of surgery. He is the author of : * ' Two Cases of Rare
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In general scope and character, the present edition closely