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eliminated all groups where it was definitely stated that the

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pharyngeal lymph nodes are important points of entrance for tubercle

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not infallible ; our ablest jurists have been divided in opinion ;

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Psychoses. — Meschede has reported a case of a child with hallucinations

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difficult to differentiate from laryngeal diphtheria. Severe laryngeal

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or by nervous derangements, such as convulsions, delirium, drowsiness

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To prepare the surface of the body for operations, the

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coalesce so that almost the whole surface of the bowel forms one large ulcer,

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retroperitoneal tissue from Poupart's ligament to the diaphragm may

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is of great importance; but only a few of the results of infections can be

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and in order to lessen the danger by reducing the number of mosquitoes

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blood into the joints, and the effect on the joints will be pro-

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of the malpighian tufts with their tubules. We are all

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Infections may extend also to the middle ear through the Eustachian

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and sometimes of pain along the spine. Some patients complain of abdom-

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was obtained in about 10 per cent, of these cases, the condition of the

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three- and five-day pneumonias are by no means rare; and no less an

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And in susceptible animals tetanus toxin is quickly removed from the blood

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until the water comes away clear. If water is injected with

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They were present in 3 of 105 autopsies in this series. Typhoid bacilli have

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also that the heart lesions, in diphtheria at least, may be due to a fatty

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Convulsions may supervene in patients who have run an ordinarily severe

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number and severity of the paroxysms, but there is danger of poisonous

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should remain normal; the moment the daily excretion of

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virulent, and give rise to the severer types of plague. The virulence is

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or neurotic. Discontinuing the taking of the temperature or doing so only

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mixed with other varieties. It is not uncommon to have a measles-like rash

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that these states mean an excess of uric acid in the blood,

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teristic as the eruption. There is a sharp rise of temperature at the onset,

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served, and paralyses may occur. After the disease is over there may be

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that the latter has a stronger avidity for antitoxin, while toxoid in this respect

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children. If two or three weeks elapse there is no danger from such a

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latter had become united with the corpuscles. In this way may be explained

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long enough outside the human body to explain many facts otherwise very

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it does to scarlet fever. It is the usual cause of the secondary inflammatory

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form of brandy or whisky is frequently given; strychnine may be of special

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ficial layers of manured soil also harbor pathogenic anaerobic organisms, of

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widened the horizon of our thoughts. In this select

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has not been present and followed a very favorable course.

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dark-red and was covered with transparent mucus. A small pellet of yellow-

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