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leads me to the conclusion that, although it may irritate the
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O.M. Willis, Francis, M.U., The Spa, Braceborough, Stamford.
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No. 5. containing 15 1 oz. Ground Stop. Bottles, $6 50
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nosis — Prognosis — Treatment. Cholera Infantum. Epidemic Cholera — Ana-
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At the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the mean height of the barometer
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and florid ; he complains of sore throat, and on examination the tonsils are seen to be
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currence of suppuration with "amyloid" change, these cases
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are alum, tannic acid, the borate of soda, carbolic and the salicylic acid.
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(obtained by breaking up the spark by a suitable electrode) if a milder
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paper from the Committee on Gynaecology. I feel more free-
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Cruveilhier in his Anatomic Pathologique, published between 1835 and
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Causes. — From striking the knees against the manger while