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Are we using our hospitals to their fullest advantage for the

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precaution to ascertain the moment at which morbid constituents appear in the

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vated at uncertain intervals by paroxysms of increased

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bringing all our medical societies into harmonious co-operation

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Carling admits that 'serous efl'usion, with increased vascularity, is generally observed in the

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amusing tale in the Gulliver style ; Critical Remarks on

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ralgia, joint diseases, and other physical ills which humanity is

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which were witnessed by Dr. Smith. In these attacks the patient

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crease of the blood-pressure; while in the kidney the contraction is excessive,

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minant sources of danger, especially in those instances in which an examination

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authority, to a loss of upwards of 1200 persons in three weeks,

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Treatment of Enteric Fever. — Sir J. W. Moore {Practitioner, January,

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and Sudra, the effect of the religious and military precepts,

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quantity to produce acute gastritis. In a certain proportion of cases the

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Warmth and abstinence are safe and certain cures when applied early.

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on two factors, not on one only, namely, on the energy of the cardiac

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a tied cru a. pin ad ffjt fr/lca iradni , / /u ///^v/,r 0u Jfiic/fO'

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respiration difficult. A small quantity of blood was abstracted : injec-

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to subdue. After the subsidence of the pain, no symptoms of unusual

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paralysis ; and the only possible explanation seems to be that the chorda

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This journal, which lived but two yeais, contained many

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the Osteopath depends upon his knowledge of anatomy

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could be found on autopsy, may be regarded as a fculure. As the ex-

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and divided into two equal compartments by a metal partition. One

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honor the sad solemnity by its manifest recognition. The funeral cortege was

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some symptom which is not exhibited by any other, and the corresponding

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1 Walsh, in Third Annvxil Report of the Henry Phipps Institute, 1905-06, p. 357.

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tween dorsum and sole, the astragalo-scaphoid still forms a curve, con-

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chymatous inflammation of Uie uterus, which first call attention to the

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least a thousand cases to obtain conclusions of real value.

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air is preferred to the " ready method" should the above measures fail. — Syden-