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* The only exception is Aspidogaster, which inhabits the pericardial cavitj' of

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councils for child welfare bring out the local phase of this matter.)

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and he believed the mothers amongst the poor were able to

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trine of critical days is totally destitute of foundation. But to return

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and located on ground floor. In rapidly developing,

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the motor nerves of the respiratory muscles (the facial accessory, and certain spinal nerves,)

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stroyed. Dr. Neale, of London, however, claims that

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2rZ. — Harassed with incessant vtmiiting. Pain in

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certainly be small. A receipt to this effect will be returned

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embolism, if it occurred at all, would be of the latter organ.

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Lectures on Diphtheria. (Egyptian Disease.) Delivered at D'Hotel

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from giving enough morphia. Lohlein (46) has collected from eight

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for about 20 minutes. Drink at the same time some herb

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It may seem strange that the sponges used in operation 4, pyosalpinx,

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pulse small and quick — 108; respiration accelerafed, with

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country, in which smallpox has actually been modified by passing

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to year, and endeavors to select those who will be- best fitted

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ogy goes, there is nothing indicative of renal disease, nevertheless often

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only consider the symptoms and course of the erysipelas verum seu

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tients or for the control of such as have left the sanato-

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there is usually a tuberculous history — either personal or family — with pro-

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could not be much blamed for endeavouring to get money

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an adequate idea of the relief to the operator oflered

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cviii, 381. — "Elder Berry." Let us consult under one

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bing. Lepra and rupia, particularly the latter, are prominent

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•that the bowels had been moved, but that the offending

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preparations of the parasite in the middle intestine, it is well to de-

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illustration two cases operated upon by Tigla and Trousseau, in one of

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injury is severe there is shock ; the more shock the less pain usually.

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able, especially when the microscope is not at hand at the bedside.

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the shallow anterior chamber. In cases of slowly-progressing

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most active period of his career, he was finally obliged to