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Cretin, to whom this paper refers ; 5, a male, living, healthy ;
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Griffith found the brain unusually large, and the cells of the hypo-
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tions in its anatomic structure, not sufficiently marked to in-
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Aquae Menthae Piperit83, t f vj. Misce. Sumat unciam sta-
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plagued from its inception as no other national health effort has ever been. State and
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mulate as to enable the Committee to refund to each
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considerably reduced in volume by the amount of liquid, the respiratory
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is very uncertain as to the periods and duration of its attacks, sometimes
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from food entirely while taking the medicine in the
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capacity, and in some other conditions, the resistance is
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This woman can be regarded as a characteristic case of the
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Anatomy. — The skin covering the swellings of quarter-ill
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to reach a definite conclusion with regard to intra-
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or a corundum stone of coarse grain, the thinnest film of tissue can be
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An autopsy was not allowed, and it was only with the
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It should be remembered that inherited syphilis may give rise to
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and increases the trouble. After improvement the patient should
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Again, if the violence causing the fracture be very great in-
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in the doctor's own language. He says : " The effects of
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in establishing the value of worthlessness of the pro-
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plant itself upon such a platform will find it in the end the
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men (Keyes and Alexander in this country), the gen-
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Dr. Owen, in a report to the Medical Society of Victoria, and Dr. I. Benjamin, in
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years he had treated nearly all the cases of venereal that came before
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longer experimental. There is ample evidence to dem-
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Pneumotherapy, System of Physiologic Therapeutics, Vol. x.]
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and of his successors, the Antonines, the resources of
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teeth. Nausea may be present during the first week, but is more
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we must place sanguineous emissions, which have been resorted to
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opposite side of the body becomes involved. Occasionally
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that which is evident to the thermometer, and latent, or that which
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of its remarkable adaptation to the incipient or invading stage, and
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far toward reviving confidence in expert testimony. In a recent article upon
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But we had one instance which goes some way towards establishing a dif-
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practice every legitimate art to present them in the most perfect way before the