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tificate of disability. (Par. 7, S. O. No. 231 A. G. O.
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to say in this case whether the relief has been permanent.
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1886 fHANDEOED, Henry, M.D., 8, Regent Street, Not-
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rations the orifices only appeared when the villi were completely
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was no defect of sensation. Except for changes of myopia
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healing process is rapid and the result all that could be
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The following history was then obtained. The patient, a
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Your Committee has included as an addendum the 1978
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pelvic immaturity appears to be between 14 and 15 years.
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are clumsy and expressionless, and the skin over the extensor
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with a coloured injection,) steep it a day in clean water, chang-
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tion the Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange of New Jersey to
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desire and ability were lost. Other cases in which the sym-
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still the motion of the blood was not accelerated. I then asked
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system which consistently produces an unparalleled level of
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ceptible organisms, including fungi. Appropriate measures
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certainly appear to be carcinogens and host factors which
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[not meet with a candid and indulgent reception from the
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either a His bundle intracardiac catheter, the passage of a
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(4) Inject 0'2 c.c. suspension subdurally. (5) Return the rabbit to its
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umbrella function, bringing together hospitals, physician
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an?, to continue together ; and during that time should make
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mitted by the New Jersey Foundation for Health Care
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capsule can be felt moving beneath the fingers. The
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tion is nothing to sneeze at. There are or will be 204 HSAs in
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Table 5. Preliminary analysis of the next thousand calls
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tion, Medical Services, Legislation, Child Health, and the
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29, 17 worms per case after respective stays of 3, 12, 18 months. Beyond
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which you have conferred upon me in electing me presi-
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space in the absence of carcinoma.’ To our knowledge there
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p. 83, resemble, and probably are, nuclei or immature cells.
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June, 1885. — The condition is much the same, but the
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determine the heart's effectiveness as a pump. If there
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sition to coagulate, in those cases where there is a size, than
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the biceps and of the outer forearm-muscles was involved
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occasionally in the right. Apart from this the discs are normal.
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pleted his training during World War II. Despite subsequent
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thermia is brought into focus rather than its subsidiary
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effective system of comprehensive community emergency
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July 13. — Another good night, breathing quite easy; some
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looking at the same time towards the spine, and to this part
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that artery upon the psoas muscle, some of which are seen on
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project” in fulfillment of requirements for graduation from the
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