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valuable narcotic, as the nausea and sickness often prevent us

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recover in a few weeks. There are, however, certain hygienic rules which

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anesthesia, and from his own examination of her heart he believed

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chir. Proc.-verb. [etc.]. Par., 1897, xi, 730-732.— Annau-

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puce. The intellect of the patient was impaired, and there

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cyclopaedia of extragenital syphilis up to the year 1893.

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surprising when one considers the mixed infection with which

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law, if the defendant had made out that the plaintiff was, at the time of the

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noticed by Eokitansky and Lebert, where the collection

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amples serve as illustrations — ^be advantageous in certain

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tumors it mi^t be well to call attenticm to a few recent observations

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The patient often stares and frowns at the doctor, but presents no

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James Stitt Thomson, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., F.R.C.S. Ed.,

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Morbid anatomy. — Inflammation of the liver, as of other organs, affects