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marriage began to suffer with dyspareunia for which she
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Localisation of the Faculty of Speech." Some extraordinary
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radio, press, television, and many others, particu-
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Hallier's method of cultivation— so that it has been abandoned
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* E-^., cases described in Beri. klin. Wocbenschr., 1889, No. 8.
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To see her walk, it looked as if one leg was really
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This is an important fact, and a bacteriological contribution to the etiology
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The public need of a hospital for incurables in this
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ciated, and at times the thermometer indicates a rise
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comfort caused by the distention is such that the mere pressure of the
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And recollect, too, that cathartics are not only indicated for
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of the lungs, or of pure septicemia. The animal suddenly
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antiseptics for wounds and instruments, which have been used,
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With epileptiform convulsions, however, this is not
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great, pulse remained quick, limbs were drawn up, etc. She died the
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failed, bears witness to the optimism of youth in the eyes of the
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The symptoms of this condition, however, are not distinctive, and a
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strength, and she was sent to AVard XI 11., under Dr. Keiller's charge, in order
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much of their time there, when it is impossible for them to be outside in
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believe that it will tend to render more popular than hitherto
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"Up to 1830 nearly all the published evidence had been col-
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loss of blood, but eventually recovered satisfactorily, and
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31 instances streptococci were grown in pure culture. Twice strepto-