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7. Ambard, L., and Weill, A. : Les lois numeriques de la secretion renale

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removal of a tube which has been retained for some days, has

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Your CJommittee on National Legislation, to whom was re-

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is legion, when it ought to be few, provided struma is only an evidence

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By far the most complete account of this affection, however, is

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catarrh, especially when cerebrjil symptoms ap[)eared, the latter

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In the progressive medicine of the second century, his

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and is worked, become unfavorable. Therefore, if compensation is

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Medical Societies of the State had better look after their

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relief at various times ever since its first trial (July, 1895).

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mice for Lyme disease spirochetes. Am J Trop Med Hyg 1 987 ; 36:92-96

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tors then lose their power; theeyeis drawn upwards; the respiration

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losis. A striking instance of this is seen in the steady

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quired to wear cotton dresses that could be washed.

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Case VI. Woman, '36. Chronic catarrhal deafness for five or six years,

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size, for your master makes a stout corpse, and having

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with the middle third of the gyrus there was a hole into

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to occur, owing to the condition of flat-foot only being present when the foot was

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tion in the herbivora, in whom Professor Beneke remarks, cancer is very rare.

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year, than they would in three years without that knowledge.

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ternaz. d. sc. med., Napoli, 1890, n. s., xii, 901-904. β€”

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Subjective sensations, such as heat and cold, pins and needles, and

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knecht^ was the first to point out this pseudo-aneurysmal dilatation, but he

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produce neglect of enucleation. Even in six cited cases of apparent

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β€œIt should be noted that the Special Service Con-

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trary, was almost powerless. The muscles of the anterior aspect of

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Beports of Offioers and Committees. β€” The reports of

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authority to the pseudoscience which, somewhat like