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Now the whole of the foregoing doctrine is impressed upon

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we close by repeating the quotation from Dunglison, "the only

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It is also effective as a solvent of false membrane in diphtheria,

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made an effort to save the leg and the life. The case ran on apparently

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Case III. — Lady, about -40 years old ; has had a small keloid

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of idiopathic fever," the establishing of " a clear and positive diagno*

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it do in smaller doses in the treatment of pneumonia ; the effects

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negro woman belonging to Mrs. L. of Columbia county. The

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proper ; it is sufficient to obtund sensibility, so as to diminish very

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ters of the city which are chiefly occupied by the ever-crowded, ill-ventilated

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there was severe pain, refered to a point on the left side,

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power " through motor nerves, thus inducing motions. ( Vide

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central depression." To apply this rule rigidly, I should still feel

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on the 30th January. He finally gained about as much use of the

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raw meat and recent blood as therapeutic agents. He speaks