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auditory images were incapable of arousing the visual images, and by reason

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the treatment of typhus and allied diseases, in doses of five to twenty dto^Va. *&afca«&.

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thousand difficulties to beset him, and seek to enjoy himself in some

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Three days after operation he returned to hospital wath a tempera-

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By judicious management, life and comfortable health maybe main-

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times it was the custom at the beginning of the attack to give

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filled with nitrogen (for which may be substituted hydro-

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demic of typhoid fever produced by sewer ]p(,isoning.

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lactic acid, boric acid, and borax, chloracetic acid, chromic acid, chloride of

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was brought out in the jaws of the instrument. From this date

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The name P, glaucum is not used. Careful examination of literature

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prove the quality of the blood. In chlorosis, iron is the chief remedy,

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Franz Cron, director of a well-known sanitarium in Berlin.

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used. The analyses of expired air were made with the Haldane port-

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this she answered, under much agitation, ' Oh, dear son, thou art

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the meetings of the Surgical Section, will be held in the Convo-

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effect of the increase this year would be felt for four or five

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patients who, at the time of the attack, fall into the fire. At the com-

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often variegated in colour. On section they may present a uniform

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of the water acts mainly by suffocating the larvae and pupje. A light

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could be immunized against the tetanus bacillus and its

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they do not give rise to this cachectic appearance. This

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“O Louis University Medical Center, St. Louis. Con-

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can all feel sure that the psychology of the Libido

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functions by recent act of Congress, it is necessarily a growing

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perpetually suggesting to us indications, how best to prevent

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cular degeneration. The heart was large and flaccid; the dilated

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iron, in free doses, had been in use for hsemoptysis for more than

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always eventuate in scrofula or consumption, yet a feebleness is evidently

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given in very large doses to patients without any ugly