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cUTed by ( iiuthotonn. N. Am. I'raet., Chicago, 1893. v,

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came near to failure from lack of thoroughness. It showed,

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may have been of bacterial origin. This is, however,

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The arrival of yellow fever is now as regular as the mail. On

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troubles, including catarrhal pneumonia, but these were substan-

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the Mayor, and the Committee of Arrangements, to extei

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by rest and splints, adhesions are liable to be set up, and eventually

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daily, and, as all the cases I observed occurred in

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inspection should begin with the cattle, and should

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the whole organism is overthrown, and temporary seclu-

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manner of Freyer we may enucleate separately the adenomat-

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choly result of the obstinate use of terms which do not suit the

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hands, and the child was asked " Which is the heavier? " Both

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part of the patient to make it applicable, and he finds no reason to abandon

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lina now, except a dual, mutual ignorance of the medical profession and

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inhabitants, procures free ventilation, and gives facility to the means of

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The Committee on Public Health of the Academy of Medi-

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fraction. J. Ophth., Otol., & Laryngol., N. T., 1894, vi,

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£ Isabella McGregor F., aged 70, ana?mic, and suffering from

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wards to the lower part of Bolivia, at altitudes varying from

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that the presence of the meningococcus may have ren-

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due entirely to the amount of cocain they contained, and

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denuded. Dr. Wilson is quite sure that there did not remain

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mention, as they are often met with in children. D. Pozzi

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tive accommodation. In other words, not for the purpose of diminish-

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ing adhesion between the lower surface of the diaphragm and the upper

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several hours. About 8 p.m. of the same day she began

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lateral shoulder droop, hollowing of the supraclavicular fossa, or

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of imported advice and skill as far as we can, especially

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pours out the phials of his irony on the high-born and pam-

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face and thorax, when it seemed drowsy. 3.8. — Lies down ; very

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absence of other means, it would be proper to exhibit

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of the pelvic outlet have hitherto been too much neglected. The

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cult, where the ilium is much curved, to exactly deter-

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