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is by European observers — it seems demonstrated that the acci-
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interesting period of life; a period interesting from the
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of the calf. General stiffness and aching of the limb
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means of neutralizing the urea in the blood, or protecting the system
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March 4th, last, aged sixty-nine years, leaving personalty of the value of
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particular feel that they have demonstrated its futility.
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of the peritoneum, that in the majority of instances the operation
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very short time the adult trichinae develop in the human in-
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cles. — Dr. Ivanoff has placed on record the following
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lapsed part to an extent that renders it too bulky to admit of its being re-
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VI. Osteology : A Concise Description of the Human Skeleton,
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ment of diseases of the eye. Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1881,
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gates from this city to the State Medical Society, so fiir
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toms by the pressure and distension they occasion, by the ulcera-
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with symptoms of intra-peritoneal hemorrhage. There
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representing the embryonic stomod^eum, lined by ectoderm,
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although, as I may mention, in parenthesis, he is not
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American Dermatologlcal Association, Chicago, June 4-6.
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emotions, which play such an important role in their
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Asia, who feed upon sheep, goats' and mares' milk, escape; a
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was noted that dulness and tubular breathing had quite disap-
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1 gram (15 grains) at a time, and was taken on the empty
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often acquire peculiar, delicate intonations, and expressive
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genous diet, and the administration of pepsine, pancrea-
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in the lower classes of animals, as well as in plants, of some power inde-
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di ottal., Palermo, 1896-7. iv, 141-166, 1 pi. — Deeren. I
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to Mr. Malcolm for their remarks and suggestions upon the case. The
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disease. The energy-producing and spending capacity
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lawful for the registrar to write a letter to any registered