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sweating, and thus aid nature in eliminating the poison by
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non mirari virtutem ejus superccelestem." Palalius, another Italian
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repeatedly found on the pillow, there can be but little question of
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medical man himself, which would carry conviction to the mind of any non-
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pupils. Disease of the occipital lobes has no influence
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action of a reliable germicide. On account of the fre-
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alluded to ; or it may go on, increasing in size, to the
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rhoea," by Dr. W. Frank Glenn, of Nashville ; " The Dry
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the quinine was in general use, these effects were ascribed to
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obliteration of the sac and canal and transplantation of the cord.
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Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis in a Patient With Rheumatoid
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the examinations visited — necessai'ily a very small
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terminated by two or three patches upon the palmar and inner
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The Journal i>J K.\periiiiental Medicine, October 1. /goo.
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disorder, manifested by vomiting and diarrhea, which began March 30. Evi-
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spasm of the uterus, two fingers are to be introduced which seize a portion of the pla-
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When in this condition, or during this slow process of irrita-
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paralysis before die appearance of the motor symptoms were considered as rather
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Symptoms. — In this affection there is not generally much to attract
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selecting the schools at which their sons should be educated.
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Those marked by an asterisk are suitable for hypodermic injections.
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Griffith to open the discussion from the point of view of " Indications"
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disease is not speedily arrested. Difterences relate chiefly to the degree
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the production of its phenomena when acting in excess or irre-
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Kiuderh., Leip/.., 1899, n. F., xlix, a.'il-354.— Hochsin^cr
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upon it his successors continued to build. From his school
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cases, it afforded me much satisfaction to have been enab;.^d, \^
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large doses have been employed the membrane has always
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ing capacity being inferred from their technical verbosity, their
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diarrhoea. He fell into a state of collapse, and died on the 18th. By order of
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a sedative effect on the respiratory passages. Therefore
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known than they now are, and we hope that others will test both, so that wt
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account of the haemorrhage it caused. It seemed necessary
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the intestinal walls have perfect immunity. Investigat-
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after the medicine. We found that in a few hours the temperature returned
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