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I recommended a mild diet of simple vegetables, enlivening so-

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inal section. A portion of the omentum protruded from the

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sometimes immovably fixed, often roll wildly in their

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set a high value on the work done by the medical profes-

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We note, in passing, that the Indiana doctors, in convention assembled,

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her to bed for ten days. Leucorrhoea profuse. Diagnosis:

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severity ; nor had chlorodyne, 2 minims every four hours ; nor had

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cancerous growth which extended to the trachea, which

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Diseases — Creasote; Venereal Diseases — Cubeb;

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covered with membrane, and tiie cornea was quite clear ; but at the

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A ne%T instrument for testing the field of vision. Med.

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natural sequence of the operation. Change the dress-

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a degree of virulence that renders all subject to its attack. Influenza is

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quantitatively on the basis of the Nernst formula E = —-In —- if

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both, when the gland is cut or torn, numerous granulations are seen scattered

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hopelessly lost in the " deep slumber," as one has expressed it, " of

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num are given with three grammes of ether, and ice in

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tures are all fully deserved ; but, if they be, he has thrown a

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tions. It is a disturbance of this balance which annoys one

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may be due to embolism or thrombosis, the latter more frequently. The

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plicated forms of apparatus, as the respiratory organs and accompanying respiratory mnsdes.

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from them the remains of an aqueduct and a small statue of

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Hunter (William) case of pernicious anaemia treated with

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material has not been furnished the committee to this point.

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his anatomical and physiological writings, and his various and

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of a child suffering with enteritis, but as they were associated with

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tunely given, sustains the flagging powers, while it quiets the