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been noted. At the time this was considt red rather as an

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lectures, and that the complainants had, in point of

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to be enormously enlarged, knotty, hard, tense, erect, and

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restlessness begin to disappear, and little by little the patient

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mechanical means used for irritating the pharynx and larynx,

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hospital, where it was found that a subcutaneous abscess

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dulness was not due to a sudden collapse of the lung, as in that

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lesions are so intimately related to each other, and so frequently combined,

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procedures upon these important organs is possible, those methods

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Straus was able to collect thirty-seven cases, including his own. Of

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ence in the case of a cortical sensory aphasia as well as the motor

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enemata given twice daily for two days, and then once daily

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Md., and directed to proceed to New York, X. Y., and report to

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mentioned that although the figures appear here only as totals, I have

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In this connection I have to speak of a remedy which I class among

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of a round-cell infiltration, with the formation of embryonal tissue; later, the

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vanced periods of life; all classes of society may suffer from

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lieves, unequivocally, that both high and dry climates are

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Cooper Brothers, Inc. offers physicians a single source

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mation and sloughing of the organ. Abortion is precipitated

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I was bottle-fed, i was recovering from severe pneu-

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On the left. — Deltoid, supra-spinatus, infra-spinatus, rhom-

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the Younger, with Lucius the teacher of Criton and Asclepiades the

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remissions occur. The influence of the X-rays upon the disease in some

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purpose, than to raise the spirits and confidence of the sick, the

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In order to examine the nature of this new phenomenon, he

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was hel:l last week, the purpose of considering a pro-

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