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and thus brought into contact with the air passages of healthy
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acquaint him.self with the many new departures in therapeutics as detailed
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forms have been erroneously regarded by some writers as spore-like
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urged to do so by reason of her frequent and increasing complaints, for the relief of
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a. SpoTcen words. — Early in his illness, on my remarking to
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the extent of area involved. If the affected part is a slight
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Erichsen (v. Lancet, 1878, i. 451). In this a lady suspected of
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double vision, led to an ophthalmoscopic examination and the discovery of
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Romans twenty-six centuries ago? Alas! it is doubt-
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o-entleman, one child weighed two pounds and a quarter, and the other two
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Faraday, in England, and Godman, in America, found that the inhalation
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the self is unadjusted to the circumstances, the test of insanity is the
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horses to have a care for them on the slightest indication of Catarrh,
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different plants, of very opposite effects on the ani-
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<nay not take place till years after birth — in others, although
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the same time to be thus divided between two organizations ? *
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place I am a Muslim, and before I studied medicine,
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through a cannula inserted into the aorta is suspended in a warm
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treated with vaccines in Baltimore, the improvement of symptoms seemed
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turveillance over the legumes in the market, and I am assured
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unless performed with haste and carelessness. It was
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as well as the skin in the suture. Perhaps lie had been led into this
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statements are worth considering. The following is one of the
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The remedy is valuable not only in acute and chronic articula rheumatism, but
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Professor Pattison. — We seem to have obtained some credit abroad for
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general is $333.33, $375, and $458.33 respectively. Ofticers,
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others). According to Rudenko, the bacilli of glanders can be
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thus promulgated from age to age, wliich originally had probably
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BuRNE. — " Of Inflammation, Chronic Disease and Perforative
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find. Women who assume this duty are usually accustomed
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taken place in the death-rates from hereditarj' and degenerate
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the base of the cones, and contrasting in | of the symptoms in a case analogous to the
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fore us is a standard work upon diseases of children,
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canal of human subjects and dogs, and found that in the villi he had observed