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attribute the beneficial influence of milk in certain serious illnesses merely to its

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the urine was examined in applicants for life insurance, the results were

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In comparing our data with the conclusions of Flack and Bowdler

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addition they received 10 c.c. of the virus suspension intraperitoneally.

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a committee was appointed to examine into all facts connected

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of as a general aid, though he admits that a specialist in the

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At a joint meeting of the Range and St. Louis County

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ness, nausea (sometimes), pain and/or swelling in the groin or armpits.

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vera3 inflammationis," says Celsus, "sunt quatuor; rubor, et tumor, cum

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1889 collected 59 cases. I have collected, mostly since 1890, records

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in the absence of any such body, the approximation of the walls of the

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ment of the Intermaxillarij Bone. — Pat Mulveagh, under five

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the pylorus, it occurs in connection with pyloric thickening from fibroid

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There is no pus in the antrum. On transillumination there is a dark

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importance that the animals shall have plenty of cool, fresh water dur-

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diseases to the effects of the syphilitic poison was at present a remarkable

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years ago. There are some spots (telangiectases), small in size, on

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Shelby County Medical Society has elected the following

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gel. Solutions of isoelectric crystalline egg albumin of a high

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side one. If outside a bulla, the epidermis presented almost

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that the whole number of children under 10 years of age, in all the hospitals

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depressed, and at its back carries ocelh. In front a deep facial pit

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women perished of suppurative conditions in the pelvis

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for a very necessary purpose," it is to be hoped it may meet with favor-

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death. The post-mortem condition of the lungs and heart

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and in the superficial layers of the decidua. This may be easily distinguished

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Following his return from Edinburgh he was made Instructor in

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College Hospital. (From Trans. Obst. Soc. vol. xix.)

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knoAvn or read of any case in Avliich more than one existed in the