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ments, and a more consolidated condition of the skeleton on the an-

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sity may require, subject to the call of the chairman

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16. Yonge ES: Hay Fever and Paroxysmal Sneezing. New York, William Wood,

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General Symptoms. — Heat and pain in the mouth, in-

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Salowski and Leube, it will prove a valuable guide to prac-

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The translation is excellent. The abundant illustration and

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surface but vellow and transparent in the interior. The fibres are

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The French figures have been selected from various published tables

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daily, and, as all the cases I observed occurred in

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The smaller publicans and grocers were especially liable to

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cantly metabolized by the hepatic route and has no active

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phus was for a time arrested by the severe cold, but re-excited when

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minutes by local leucocytosis. In susceptible animals there

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to examine a dead body in which putrefaction has commenced, for, undeE

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says " the controversy still goes on, and it is for the

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whether following grave infectious fevers or induced ex

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and a somewhat more extended history of several cases which have been com-

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ters of an inch below the pyloric ring, was this circular

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At that time, it was of no particular concern or gen-

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The London Practitioner, referring to the paucity of

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septic, one of the creosote preparations, for instance,

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confessed that, in a time of almost universal warfare, when

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sublimate and uaphthol, ten times greater than car-

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296 Macnaughton-Jones : Ganglion Neuroyna of Mesentery

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Arner S: Intravenous phentolamine test: Diagnostic and prognostic