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as described in this chapter, should be distinguished from

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presents an appearance not unlike that of the liver, whence the name hepati-

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tagmus, manifests itself in certain definite planes :

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A unique case is that of a lady in Rochester, who could

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Treatment. — This is a very difficult question ; for chorea ofi^ers peculiar

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BOVININE administration is invariably followed by marked improvement.

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is chosen which does best for that patient. This is an important point

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less impaired when these are filled with fat, but we are unable to refer any

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horizontal or feet-up position. A deep sigh is the first sign of improve-

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Hospital. Instances of it occurred at various periods of life, from

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my stay in the islands were due either directly or indirectly to the

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case to be highly alarming, and foreseeing the fatal

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fulfilled by frequent small quantities of cold water, to which a little soda

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of imported advice and skill as far as we can, especially

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that the present enlargement of tlie abdomen might be attrib-

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(U. balsamica), but this soon disappears on discontinuing the remedy. The fol-

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walls, consequently giving greater security against fatal result The

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them to remove unnatural deposits, and even endangering, by a long

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keeping him comfortable for 6 months, but after that he began

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tiini's it occurs at the onset and ceases. The matter vomited is a watery

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theria in our city, and in the moribund cases in which

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inclined to the former opinion. Operation was done on the 4th.

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symptoms of all were quite typical. This year three

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tails given are not numerous, but it is of interest to note;

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pituitrin does not act upon the adrenalin sympathetic ; that its

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auscultation over the cardiac region a blowing systolic murmur is often

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perforation were operated on and recovered; no statis-

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the first place, the skin cannot be peeled off, or if too ripe, the

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toxin has a sort of coagulating effect on the blood. I have

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hours, when we change the dressing for the first time. We now