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One of the supposed scientific difficulties in this case was, that the body

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then strain the whole through a hair sieve and leave to cool.

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July 1. — Still much cough. In the afternoon swallowed

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concept, although endorsed by many physicians, awaits j

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f Ricklin. De la paralysie spinale spasmodique ou tabes spasmodique. Gazette

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with. " Tired ? I am never tired, I do not know the meaning of

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principal which is attached to, and made a p^rt of this report, gives

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ABLE, MEDICAL FACILITIES, and MISCELLANEOUS. RATES: 20* per word, with a minimum charge of $8 jOO per ad. Addi-

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Ghent, has shown tnat this body heated in a closed vessel is resolved into hy-

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exception able, inasmuch as cases may present the stuue jiheooi

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rules for their use. Tr. Am. Climat. Ass., Phila., 1888, v,

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cent. In some of these repeated tests were made as,

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The patient takes daily, moreover, from ninety to a hundred and eighty

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Physical Diagnosis ; Diseases of the Thoracic and Abdom-

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in which the soft parts are so disorganized that they must necessarily

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1893, ii, 97-101. — Will (O.B.) Impacted faeces; mistaken

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and the tubes and cells of this substance. Mr. Nasmyth states that it

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of sugar in appreciable quantities in the former and its absence,

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it not been for development of the use of health resorts and of modern

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Fabrica,' an epoch-making record of accurate observation and of

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clinical interest) occurring in the course of purpura, small-pox, and other

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parasitic diseases than by any other plan. No better evi-

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derived from the throat symptoms ; but, by its extension into the

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slight headache, and the pulse was about 90. The circum-

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as related to the students of the Philadelphia Dental

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serum has been given also. The results of this experiment are given

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furnish carefully revised lists, set by the Mergenthaler Linotype Machine, and printed

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tant to observe, almost all at the age of ten years.

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lodged a portion of them ; their base appears truncated, their feathery

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attempted at an earlier stage. Nevertheless, it is important to search

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more than filled its quota at the first round. In fact, North Carolina,

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was reduced to three montlis. He thought an alternative might