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42-46.— Pincus (F.) Bin Fall von Blntung zwiacben

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the moderns, the Philosopher of the East, the Proof

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Action and Uses. — Icthyol is one of the most widely use-

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with wiiom all methods of treatment, from nervous susceptibility and want of

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The courses on Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology are ot

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In the opinion of " a celebrated skin specialist," " it has only to become

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Another reason is that, at the beginning of systole, the left ventricle is

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that the more typical and regular the case of Graves' dis-

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toms may appear. It is clear from this that no unanimous results can

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average duration of life among physicians. He found in

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as well as some of Galen's cotemporaries, have been perhaps justly

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think I can demonstrate very plainly to those of you who are close

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district which would give them ample material from which to prepare a val-

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of what had been to her a very distressing social trouble, name-

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nothing definite to do, the wound was re-sutured. The patient still complains

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years in perfect health in the arctic region, and that the

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were healed, it will be noticed that there was still swelling of the soft

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origin of phthisis pulmonalis, which has excited the keenest intei-est for

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Puerperal septaemia had existed long before pathological

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Murphy, Morris, Keen, Henrotin, and others appendicitis is essentially a

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Entered at the PostofBce at Louisville, Ky., as second-class matter.

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that hence the quality and power of percussion tones are doubtless

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individual. In primary cases the prognosis is not so bad as in pulmonary

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of the most reliable signs of the condition we are considering. If

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8. The age period 12 to 16 years is relatively free from initial

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the two following I am indebted to Major J. F. Burke of the

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them only can a correct prognosis be formed. The vomiting,

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nitis, for example, developed in the course of typhoid or typhus fever, is

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separated upon the legs than elsewhere. The intervening skin rapidly

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inorganic phosphate to be slightly increased, but death from nephritis