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It is first necessary to clear the scalp of scales and crusts, and the

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have been in the habit of feeling that when we have thour-

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The lantern-bearers, less conspicuous, retain their light, usually, to

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and blood-letting consists. By the latter measure, we almost always obtain a diminution of

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that he was unpunishable ; and h e> must say that tipon P

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The marriage-rate also was somewhat higher than has been

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which is known also as acute infective osteo-myelitis, ne-

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"plaster-mulls," under which many nodules, which apparently would

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motives of high professional responsibility; fulfilling in its

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of his patients and change their mental attitude toward

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the prolabia and face are pale, or frequently livid, and lividity is often marked

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breathing. The agents in most frequent use are chloro-

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desired to powder gum sagapenum, a process of some difficulty,

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Dr. Lawson adds : — " In proof of conclusion 2, the

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Although several varieties of scarlatina are described by

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nourished, electricity is useless, and may tend to increase reflex over-

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washed out with a solution of 5^ ounce of Boracic Acid in a quart

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and not to any thickening of the tissue of the broad liga-

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inations made by a competent protozoologist, and, if at

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became plugged shortly before death, but in view of the fact that

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(grains 10 in flnidounce of water, with sufficient Citric Acid,) applied to surface of heart in

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Wyndham Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale. Fri-Sun. Contact: Tess

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cence in his experiments was not due to rise of temperature.

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hemiplegia is produced without apoplexy. With or without apoplexj^, if