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of fact, of what it should be : the gravest cases have the least expe-
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cerevisi8e, which converts 15 per cent, of glucose into alcohol
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Occurs in colorless or white rhombic tables or prisms
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cutting them through. The flaps may be held in pretty good con-
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bringing forward a method whose results are eminently calculated
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ful than in the adult population ; the evils of this pernicious system
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cases of the briefest duration, an almndant exudation of thick, yel-
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part absorbed and then re- secreted. This process may be
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from that time went on increasing in size. The paroxysms of pain
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linear extraction without iridectomy. Where there is no compact nu-
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including Crede's Ointment and Collargol ; Gelatin and
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occurred after doses of 20 or 25 grains, although these are
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tension in glaucoma, and, by this action, to prevent prolapse
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rectal and hypodermic methods at the same time that
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cutting them through. The flaps may be held in pretty good con-
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If it ran outward, it was caught in the trench and there retained, and,
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We not uncommonly find one lung in an advanced state of tuber-
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not congested, of lighter color than natural. Peyer's patches
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produce permanent disability, unless the patient is removed — wlien
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preparation is beneficial in eczema, pruritus, and cutaneous^
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perhaps tliree exceptions, had no outlet. These trenches were mostly
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before alluded to, amounting at times to spasm, was almost pathog-
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although these surgeons all inculcate the necessity of sawing the
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grasses which either diffuse a profuse amount of pollen or emit a pow-
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conditions. The diseases most appropriately treated with
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Summary. — Lithium salts are diuretics, and uric acid
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sion at a later date, of endeavonng l)y modification of our instru-
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tion during life. This it is sujiposed is acted upon and dissolved,
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cast of litrht clay, common wood-ash. or the darker sort of straw
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also, for the same reason, invited our Western brethren to inspect at
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arrived at Newtown, Md., Nov. ITlh, at 12, M., and encamped in a
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the other viscera were carefully examined, and were found to be
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sort during the patient's life. Outside the space occupied by the bron-
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" 1. The office of m.ijorp^pneral to be cnnfcrrcd on the snrpeoiifjonc-
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preceding winter, she received a blow upon the left side just below
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From this observation it would seem that the appearance of a
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unripe fruit of Carica papaya (Papaw), an herbaceous tree