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the weight. In our 1905-06 Report we alluded to three
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poorer in albumen ( C. Schmidt^ VogeTjy there would be a rational ex*
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vent the urine from running throughout the canal; hence the
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made fluid by means of a hot-water bath. It has a very slight
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France. In 1836 it was successfully used in Boston for
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or appendicitis. The presence of a small iliac tumor
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the operation. The bowels were open twice, and flatus was
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Several of the above tests for glucose are sometimes uncertain
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gallon. It is made by freezing the parafline out of heavy paraf-
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examined by him, 88 involved the base, in 80, or 90 per cent., of which the
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so severe that the animal cannot secure sleep or rest. In
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peared, so much so that not a trace of it was to be seen.
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Basing his work upon the principle just outlined, Wassermann
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places where such meetings are to be held, the conduct of business thereat, and the number
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Hospital t<> accept a position in the Indiana
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the smaller species, and be unaware of the fact, cannot be doubted; and
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Oubeba, F. 184, 261, 278, 809, 813, 814, 815, 816, 817, 818,
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the continuance of the general infection or capable of causing its exacer-
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begin to reappear. God bestowed upon man at first a perfect
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tum crucis^^ in which, after the brain was removed, respiration
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opinion in the profession, that anal fistulas, when associ-
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the fissure into a simple sore, the healing of which can be
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very kindly expression of face, and his portrait in the Medical Hall
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because nearly throughout we employed the term, Reflex Paral-
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tack, sterility, amenorrlicea, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia,
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larging the mind and cultivating the reasoning powers. The time has
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At first the venous dilatation is dififuse and forms a thidc blue net,
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areas, F; (3) All Serbia, S. Sliowing increased infection conveyed by troops on leave
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at some length. The confusion of ideas which appears
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and medical associations in dealing with the tuber-
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Coprtemia is not the cause of anaemia, but it is often an associated
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New Orleans, La.; " State Medicine," by Dr. Alfred L.
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the conditions necessary to their production and favour their extension.
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ble conditions, develop from the bacillus coli com-
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are reported from small-pox in the Poplar Union during the
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Henry Kingsley, eminently one of the r/enus irritabile, late editor
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No constant modification of the arterial system was
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is surgical a cure may usually be effected without delay.
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properly belongs to the more central layers, is of course readily