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nervous or nutritive debility, nerve tonics, such as phos-
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and in certain cases of twin pregnancies. Each of these
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blackened, the flame may be applied as indicated in the drawing, and kept
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One reason why this tendency should appear especially at or about
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Buchner accordingly regards cholera as the result of
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through the esophagus. Two forms of the disease may be dis-
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Health is to be compared with the best existing. This is
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tion of the dynamic relations of diathesis to both the
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portion to the obliquity the ventricular contraction is slow. A vertical
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theory." According to this, we must form in our mind
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rather hard ; tongue much coated, with great thirst ;
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was also in unison with the legal dogmas then current," &c. " But the
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great difference between anaemias occurring at this time
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second day, and distinct in the succeeding days. I am convinced,
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lesion. The gait in cerebellar ataxia, which affects chiefly the lower extrem-
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jiliysicians. Dr. now employs the ether-spray
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spirits, there is a decided tendency to ulceration.
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toms, such as headache and dizziness, but constantly threaten such serious
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absence of sweat and of the sebaceous secretions, is referred, by
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who this day leaves the hospital, induces me to point out the actual
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ability. 19 Other visual problems that older individuals
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twenty families, was in the centre of an old field contain
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practicable. When the tumor is very painful injections of morphine
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brought into contact with pus formed in consequence of the extension of the
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refreshing sleep. A marked disteste for alcoholics wtfs ob-
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United States of the co operation of the governments of
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qualifications of its own members, but as such societies
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When the alkali is applied first, we cannot be deceived.
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value of his writings nor from the character of the work
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to recur when the stomach is distended by a full meal.
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hundred and sixty cases where ether was used, and one in thirty-three where
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scale apparently without furnishing the desired results, but it
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artery, therefore, it seems that much more time is re-
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of pale urine. The interval between the paroxysms varies in
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division of the deeper flexors by open incision; division of
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Ouachita Baptist University, B.S., 1978. Medical educa-
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structure tending to ossification about the origin of the arterial
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found to reside in an old cicatrix wiiich has been healed
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eruptions, though not the pruritus. Monti's method consists in cleansing
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Tii(!y were treated as they came, ^nthout selection.
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there be evidences of complete obstruction slight tumor, at that point, extreme tym-
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