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increased on motion, and by the slightest pressure j the occiput

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The abdominal wall is a little tense but rigidity is not marked.

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and amused than to be enlightened, whereas in a technical

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perforations were afterwards discovered in the sewer pipes^

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awakens feelings of deep compassion mingled with horror. At the

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continuance of endocardial murmur is not proof that inflammation persists;

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High Frequency Outfit. Send for new General Catalog

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of antipyrin on account of headache, and on the following day she had a

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January 27 th. — Pain in head ; vomiting and delir-

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ed. "Studying piano," he said, "made a good boy out

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niodilied. W'r Mi.i\ in ihe-r I. in nm-I.iiu e- t,'et irrcL'uhir ioeuli in ihi' ph'

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ment is to blanch the surface, but the secondary and permanent effect

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or drink in the literature of the latest mode of "cure"

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biological state, in which, by simply looking in tbe eye and say-

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cation of the voice by interfering with the function of the recurrent laryngeal

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ing liable to produce acid fermentation, it would also come under the second

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some points of interest as to the comparative frequency

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running a subacute or chronic course and ending in resolu-

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clearness, and to have sustained them by reasons so conclusive

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out a good many years ago by Weir Mitchell. Strychnine is also of

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We have seen that the rarity of plastic lymph upon the free surfaces

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Eating for Strength. By M. L. Holbrook, M.D., New York :

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The vascular anomalies are even more striking than the cardiac ones.

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The average blood sugar curves of hyperthyroid cases and normals after

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wound and is thence transported mainly along the nerve roots to the

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1 In animals a lowering of temperature is observed after hemor-

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We can clearly infer that if the patients had been treated

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to wait upon the Speaker of the Assembly, to request the use

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greater care to destroy what was supposed to increase the

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ence over communities. I speak not now of those com-

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beginning, local pain, tenderness, and swelling, depend on active inflam-

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with that sense of bien tire which indicates that the brain

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was greatly interested in Highland students who came to toAvn ; he

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digestive glands the constituent enzymes, which are