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entered the medical department of Northwestern University, from
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takes place in all probability by so-called karyolosis — i. e., through chem-
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There she met and admired Doctor Helen Worthing Web-
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but no paretic conditions, and the parts affected are extremely
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we have seen no evidences of a disposition on their part to act
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New York Medical Institution, and in 1818 became surgeon to the
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in the statement, diseases which exist from the mind are curable
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liarly adapted to his needs; his corkscrew for lifting the
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beside him, and who was always considered one of the
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Medical Legislation. The Annual Address delivered before the Asso-
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Throughout the year, I think there had been no day wholly free
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schools of Europe, and spent eighteen months in special
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Examination of the affected joint by means of the Rontgen ray furnishes
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Gruening, Dr. A. Jacobi, Dr. I. Adler and others. In October, 1894,
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A Serious Difficulty. — The psycho-pathology of an application for increase
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Dr. H. P. Cole read an exhaustive article upon the pathological
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One of these points relates to the class of cases successfully
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eaten dry. The custom of " washing down " the food with va-
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It is, on the whole, the tendency of the present age, though
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sumption of drunkenness, and nothing more, till other facts con-
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to i8gs he had the satisfaction of seeing the service in-
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the ready breaking-down of the granulations upon the slightest
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mediastinum. The blood from these arteries penetrates
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the study of the surgical diseases of women and obstetrics.
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original board of managers were: Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, Presi-
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injustice to the men in whose books — whatever their individual,
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mediate education. His studies were continued in the Union School
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distributed from the centre, sometimes deviated to one side.
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disordered healthy action. They know, also, that there is a ten-
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notable families of New York City. They had three sons and two
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In the Manchurian campaign these symptoms of irrita-
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and earnestness, and while he followed the lecture courses intelli-
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tain " provings " might be brought to light for which the materia
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after the fifth day, the probability of infection having taken
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ance : face and extremities covered with cold perspiration ; res-
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After serving one year in the Boston City Hospiiai, he
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of a deep dirty-grayish hue throughout ; near cardia, greater
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he had gained in the graduating class of his year, procured for him
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had been made, was in exactly its former condition, — a fact which
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ordinate to theoretical, or even hypothetical data.
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ordinary surgery as the bony lesions of the diaphyses. A
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Ursache der Blindheit." Those of you whose labors are limited