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adds, however, that " a man with a large share of mother wit, or
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were there no check remaining at the site of the Eustachian valve. The
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impracticable, there should be a Flying Corps rest station similar to the existing
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Itrought to a i)osition at right angles to the axis of the leg, and
veise Is SO."— Lectures on Man (Dr. C. Vogt), p. -17.
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slow, and unless transmission along the veins has oc-
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ding entirely all kinds of minerals, and all that part of
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incision is a more dangerous operation, on account of
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day to day, and within three weeks after the first injection hia condi-
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has had for perhaps years will be perceptibly less in forty-eight hours, and
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Blood Cultures.— Probably the easiest method, as well as the one
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not do something to brighten the effulgence of the one,
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THE PHYSICIAN who would keep abreast with the advances in
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However this may be, there can be little doubt, as it appears to the
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courtesy, genuine sympathy, noble reticence count for so much. A
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one would be more comfortable to the patient, would be
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producing violent constitutional fever that may even be fatal.
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the bloodvessels. Disturbed nervous influence has also been adduced as a
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is, however, the Somerville real estate has largely de-
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of the red cells and considerable increase in the leucocytes or lymphocytes