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of 48, in whom glycosuria was first detected about 18 years ago.

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March 16th: Wandering pains in the limbs, epigastrium, and cardiac

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The treatment of these cases 'was by Angler's Petroleum

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cent.; hand, including the thumb, 10 per cent.; hip, 7 per cent.; knee, 19

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b. Phase II: Phase II consists of erecting and establishing two Medi-

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times, as we see in the rectum, when a vast continuous surface has been

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he died of heart failure and oedema of the lungs, seven weeks after the

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claim it. " The Organon," says Dunham, "is strictly what its

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et de therap., Par., 1890. i%', 49.— Epilepsy. Abstr. M.

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extracts of aromatic plants, such as absinthe, bitters, or vermuth, and

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ovaries. I have a case in illustration which will exemplify this

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The kidney must be removed if wounded and bleeding.

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both legs, two inches from the insertion of the muscles

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