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poisoning by opium prove fatal in from about six to twelve hours. They

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standard medical works, as the best testimony that can be given in

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a stroke of apoplexy in adults, and convulsions in children, sends them to the grave.

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improvement, in four cases the old troubles persisted.

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there was infection present in every case which showed acidosis

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bility in the Early Stages of General Paralysis, By Frank P.

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dition of these being applied early, on the first or second day, which may be

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immediately before the specific eruption. The post-eruptive com-

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ment. This has a practical as well as a theoretical

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The Employee Health Service participated with the National Heart and Lvuag

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and stomach may make the patient feel more comfortable.

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syncope follow, and death ends the case in from half an hoiu* to twenty-four

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necrosis (death of bone). The treatment required is its removal. While

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fluctuations of tempterature will occur even though the patient has

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chief cause of the sickness, I give the current fact that, after a

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xxxiv, d. 2, 840-847.— Hue (F.)<fc Hubert (A.) 0.steomyi5-

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many weeks, but ends for the most part in perfect recovery.

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mechanical treatment is at once suggested. But, without careful

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distance beyond the apex beat. The first sound of the heart

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