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Lord Bacon characterized Medicine as a Science which had been more professed th-Aw

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parasites resembling those of Texas fever. They thought it possible

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tube leading to the external world. The uterus, tubes,

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haemorrhage under the nails. Pulsation could be felt in the axillary

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during- pregnancy and delivery, reports a series of 100

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application, indications, and contraindications for

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unusual state of the weather, for which that year was remarkable.

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the leg and thigh. With minimal stimulation (Horsley and Beevor) it is

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continued pressure of the presenting part on the lower uterine segment

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" Kcbalier, " Do I'incubation de I'erysinilo," quoted In Cent, fiir

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subjects, found no disease of the brain, but of the

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hesive plaster from one to the other, crossing the patient's forehead,

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ventricles has given good results in some cases.* Haynes* suggests draining

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day the pain and fever had disappeared, its employment for three

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Address by Prof. C. Newton before the Medical Class of 1851 105

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indebted for the unremitting and efficient assistance he rendered me for

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We write these papers for the student — not for the already ac-

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