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The fact of the streptococci penetrating the mucous membrane of the

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(J. M.) The coexistence of typhoid and nuilarial infec-

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Jaborandi were given every fifteen or twenty minutes. Each time, however,

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out of 35 cases the aneurysm arose from the posterior portion. The

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Will, an Ecclesia, of which it shall not be said, 'See what manner of

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esophagus, idiopathic, 800 ; or " dilatation " ?, 458.

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Pertussis has always been considered a disease of young

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the communicating opening in the posterior instead of

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Medical Sickness and Accident Society. — The thirty-

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18^ inclies of the ileum separated and were discharged.

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and even of continuously hot poultices over the lumbar regions,

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the body in other conditions. About the edge of an advancing cancer,

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English doctor living in Naples. On the outbreak of cholera, the

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intervention is at times indicated, and consists in the excision

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indication is that the pressure has become so extensive

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amorphous, soluble in water and alcohol ; ergotinine

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and subscribers. A still larger number of articles was

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This category signifies that the cultural resource is to be

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healthy exertion, active inquiry, and rigid, methodical, self-

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cytes are present. Should they be present, contamina-

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For further information apply to Dr. S. W. Gross. S. E. cor-

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duration of three days, until the fifty-third year, when the cli-

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Medical opinion and public opinion to-day look on the subject

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double breadth, to hold four — two below and two above. There is

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(3.) Lee's cases, and others, show that if continuous suppuration

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Dr. Sell referred to the use of several of the reme-

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Yillanuova; especially recommended by E. Stahl, Fr.

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nent, and puffiness of the face diminished, the albuminous condition of the

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Bridge with much difficulty, as he was a heavy man, and he had to

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in definitely proving that the escape of chyle into the urine took place in the bladder.