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of diphtheritic palsy is to recover. Apathy, vomiting, and restlessness, in-
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addition of an infusion of galls caused in the first a fine reddish brown
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investigators, who, following Golgi, distinguish various species of
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In this connection I have to speak of a remedy which I class among
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Still, allowing for these mild cases, I think the showing appears to be very
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the deformity. The mere maintenance of a limb in a corrected
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recurrence. This indicates that those who recover from a recurrence
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which embrace the limb experimented on, and one of whose arms rests upon
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tion of something starting in the epigastrium and rolling up to the throat,
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of the second rib at its junction with the sternum, obliquely downward
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am sure that sepsis, local or general, is nearly always from the outside.
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me it was well and hearty up to the evening of the 12th, when it was
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type. See Fig. 4 for magnification of a part of this exudate. X 240.
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Pritchard, J. L., Windsor, P. and S., Bait., 1906 1906 1908
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epigastrium, acid eruction and this would gastric ulcer in children. That in the
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distilled water, two ounces. A teaspoonful is to be
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circulation, which is a serious obstacle to a good re-
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stopped entirely for a period of a week or two, when anodynes,
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"Cranks and Honest Expert Testimony," Dr. M. Nelson Voldeng, Assist-
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the high regions of Georgia and Alabama about the southern end of the
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a chronic diffuse and lethal nephritis should have its origin in malaria,
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on the part of those whose full co-operation is desirable,
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caudle — but that heart had throbbed its last. Here was death bj asthenia.
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amblyopia is sometimes overcome by correction of the
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Drs. Jarvis and ToUes, of Claremont ; Drs. Phelps and Clark, of Windsor ;
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and the fourth division of Bellevue Hospital (to all intents
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also be made to glide from side to side when in this position.