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that the two types be separated for study and treatment. The indications

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tract, particularly the cecal area, also afford X-ray diagnostic

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have a certain resemblance. The diagnosis of this case is, therefore,

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autumn went out to Calcutta. He returned in the beginning

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colour ; it was traversed by veins of large calibre, and was adherent in

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delivered, I clasped the thorax of the foetus with the

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tion for patients with metastatic lesions of the spine. J Neurosurg

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tinct hepatic region — sometimes a mere narrow, flat tract, but

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general bleeding and to frequent cuppings over the loins, to

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This has great bearing on the success or failure of a given

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the place of the muscular substance. The same is true of the nerves in-

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of diet, beri-beri may be r^ra^|^^aa driven out of^the navy

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ness thrust upon them," said Shakespeare. It might be added, " and

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ase to sigbt. Clin, sketcbes, Loiid., 189.5, i, 4J. — Kastnl-

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convenient to use the ophthalmoscope. We ought to take more time

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advance. Orders from a distance must be accompanied by payment in advance or satisfactory refer-

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flat would be. I have supplied workmen with these protectors

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Besides the basic anastomosis of the circle of Willis there is every

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Such are the amount and character of the analysis which

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ment of the blood, particularly a diminution of its albumen, contributes

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Consider the method of operating for gasto-enterostomies,

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of profound mental and physical shock, consciously un-

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those of the Psychological Society, the Pharmaceutists, and the

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its original form by quinia. Malarial neuralgia is a well-known

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ened Skulls in general, " with New Observations of that disease. Jena, 1858, pp.

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McGehee, John Wm, Eeidsville, Univ. of Md., 1904 1904 1905

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Have the oven tolerably hot, and bake about an hour. Melt a

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works on influenza,* namely, that influenza often leads to abortion.