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trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (bactrim) classification
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the central portion, which may be pale or even colorless. (See P'ig. 289.) This polar
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tains its characteristic yellowish-green color until the last
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laminectomy has become much less formidable within the past few years
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are obtained in the case of patients with gravel, either uric or phosphatic, or in
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Viewing it from the standpoint of its pathology, the classification of
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The especial point to be noted is the constant fall of the weight-curve
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the whole materia medica, with its assistant, the bayberry,
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We confess that the enterprise is an arduous and a daring one ; and is
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Section 1436 — 5. If any person thus registered by said board shall be
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Of this latter disease, there were in all 264 deaths, and of these 196,
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is very slight and transient. In an ordinary case of enteric
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of rue, apiol, and savin were detected. One of the most popular of these
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