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Adenoma and Angioma of the Kidneys.— W. R. Smith *

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Art. XIX. — " Unsoundness of Mind" in its Medical and

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Introduction to the Study of Diseases qf the Nervous System. 135

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smoking cessation. 3 But it is difficult to stop smoking, as

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Practice of Medicine. — Flint, Bristowe, Niemeyer, Harts-

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moroseness, which in occasional cases may amount to melan-

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sitions taken by the ALAW and other tobacco control

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This is a fascinating little work of 156 pages, excellently well

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the law was powerless to punish the scoundrels if caught,

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be maintained. — Medical Times and Gazette., Feb. 16, 1884.

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" See especially PflUgef. E. : Uber Wilrme und Oxidation der leben-

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New York Volunteers; Charles L. G. Anderson, late Assistant Sur-

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How Supplied: ISOPTIN (verapamil HCI) is supplied in 80 mg and