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as well as in the analogous pneumo-pericardium, when the small channel

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muscular, fully developed in body, and well formed," " especially the

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enlarged tonsils and adenoids, nor constipation appear to be the

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and laws controlling the prevalence and severity of

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fectious diseases by inoculating them with filtered cul-

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second president, born in 1827, is aged fifty-seven; Dr.

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small sections of soft tissue embedded in paraffin can

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erate on a case of complete procidentia with complete

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Dec. 7. Patient seems quite well. All the functions are nor-

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in full force, on the 9th of May. The rash in his case broke out

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necessary only when the elevation of temperature is very great,

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In due course the constipation becomes severe, and is accompanied

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•Maniey: .Medical Jiews, Philadelphia, 1900, Vol. Ixxvi,

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Fox's statistics show a slight preponderance in favor of the male sex ; but

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ciently severe to make this necessary. Especial attention is called

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wandering through the Continent, the student of medicine made

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This murmur was conducted upwards to the clavicle. There

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phagocytes in preventing the further invasion of the system.

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will become more deeply colored when freshly heated, and which will finally turn

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judicious practitioner, and one too who has made good use of the rather unusual

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Association fully representative of the general medicine and surgery of

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He sank gradually, and died at 3 A. M of March 8th.

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years and nine months. In young cattle, ranging from two

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disorders, both urged a similar study. They possessed, in common

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of light or, in this especial comparative instance, ultra-

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ranged in a radiating direction and interrupted in many