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usually three, four, even six or seven, within a few hours. These

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suppuration took place the gonococcus was found to be associated in one

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septic peritonitis was on the point of starting, and

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balsam with the oil, strain, add the balsam of Peru, and lastly

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Present age of mother and infantile mortality in previous family :

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Institute at Stockholm. Of the several billets I have held in this

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was twice tried, but was followed by such intense hamiorrhage

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cases, including cases of obstruction from fecal accumulation and fhn^

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Widal announced the fact that the blood serum of a typhoid patient

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and the constant negative result of Wright's reaction ; from trypano-

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and by Drs. Schultze and Llicke in Casper's ' Vierteljahrschrift f iir gerichtliche

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Pilocarpine iu eclampsia, 471 ; as an oxytocic, 170, 492.

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patient labouring under hydrophobia will or will not communicate

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excitement, over-action of the affected muscles. The last of these indicates

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ing to Bizzozero and Neumann, produce white globules by gemmation.

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United States. In the hall which adjoins the Convocation Hall

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means it is often well digested in cases where, given otherwise, it would not be

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present in very low degree, as a factor in setting up

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the venom of the plague. He could not wish for any addi-

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Action Upon the Frog. — In minute non-poisonous doses,

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the tumour, which, in 18 months, had grown to the size of a large orange.

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are also seen in the bone and on both periosteal surfaces. X 30.

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dead within the first year or even a few months after birth. It

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in cleaning out drains and sewers, or in the removal of nightsoil. These

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date. " General Observations on Uterine Pathology ;

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are not equally protected by the general reaction which occurs dur-