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The treatment consists of moderate counter-irritation, the iodide of
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to a stimulation produced by exterior excitations or by interior inclinations, such as fatigue,
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there prevent the disintegrated masses entering the hepatic vein, and
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Toulon, has just met his death in the following manner :
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continued for some time. After ten minutes, or even more, we see
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Reedy, Howard, Rowland, Med. Coll. of S. C, 1884 1887 1914
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e pillow he sank away into deep sleep, became cyanotic, breathed at very
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nium. It’s an essential task in an economy that reminds us every day that we all
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once did I find in the infant Doraw, an hour and fifty min-
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tlie determination of blood to the inflamed part, for pain is alone sufficient
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the date of seizure and of convalescence, and the distance from the
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what faded. They were to be seen on the face and chin
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work will prove valuable not only to the student preparing for examination, but also to the prac-
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lowed by absorbent cotton, dry or wrung out of an antiseptic
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occasion. Callisen has summed up the characters of this disease
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Glycerine one ounce. Mix. SJuike the vial, and apply tmth a cameTs hair
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vious in right inguinal glands. Subsequent involvement of left
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think, be apparent to every one, as with them I have one common
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out examination, nor can they come here to practice.
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m< j for cystic tumor of ihe left breast in February, 1902.
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encloses a pinkish or bluish or grayish opaquely granular material,
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aureus were found, and in none the Loeffler bacillus. These cases
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Description. — A membranous cast of the trachea and bronchial tubes, which
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Rapport d'une commissiou sur I'assistance m6diciile des
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nearly the same in each case. Mr. Goodler in 1886 pub-
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