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(2) Abscess. — This is to be attributed to subsequent infection by
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experienced. These, however, pass away more or less quickly. The
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The ulcers take various shapes — chiefly irregular, and less frequently
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jected is of great benefit to the circulation, and it has been demon-
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The Orange. — The queen of the citrus fruits, Citrus au-
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had treated her for some time more than twenty years before,
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capillaries which lie beneath the capillary body consist of numerous
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Latent malaria, both civic and paludal, are very common dis-
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and other organs have been detailed in the Clinical History.
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diphtheria, and nephritis (followed by uremia), are also apt to develop
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to throw out an extra amount of bile and thus antisepticize
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thought that if I had known my work better, she would not have