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a half years, detained the Hamburg- American liner Presi-

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blood pressure ; and it took almost another century


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the presence of an active pathological process, have

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the handling of emigrants destined for the United States.

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gtiinea pig liver and heart, the other an alcoholic

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ward establishing the relationship between the vege-

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The discussions were of more than ordinary interest, not

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Iltis, C. W.. Pharmacist. Granted seven days' leave of

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lymphocytes, forty per cent. ; hyaline, two per cent. ; eosin-

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that substance. It has been proved that the anaphy-

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the treatment of atrophic rhinitis it certainly falls

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dose of strychnine, 1/30 grain, and was put on liquid diet.

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primary, November, 1907, finger ; secondary six months

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board of trustees of the Boston Consumptives' Hospital,

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a severe mental shock, following which she lost the use of

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largely a comparison with conditions in other coun-

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to answer r|uestions intelligently, her abdomen was much

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vidual without exception sJionId be vaccinated dur-

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temperature at 170° F. for about fourteen hours each day

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tions, or in scientific investigations of disease in the field

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tage the former method possesses is that, while but

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*Read before the North Carolina Association for the Prevention

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had recently gained slightly in weight. The bleeding had

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with a unipolar insulated electrode, through a special oper-

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of Chicago ; permanent secretary, Dr. L. O. Howard, of

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number of county and municipal institutions has increased

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lii, p. 137) considers it too early at this time to

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9. Radioactivity of the Air and Earth, By A. Gockel.

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recovers. Tuberculosis is not of this kind. It is a

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treated, as a last resort, in hospitals or sanatoria

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of retrospective than of prognostic value, and thinks