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and soon almost every high school at all capable of doing pre-
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chez les herp6tiques. Union m6d.. Par., 1885, 3. s., xxxix,
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deeply lacerated cervix would be an added element of
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Md., and directed to proceed to New York, X. Y., and report to
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dents, anecdotes, characteristic stories, etc., are unknown
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(and crou])) did not exist when I first arrived, but during
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about half of these patients continued to show the improved condition which
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b greatly augmented by motion and by pressure of any sort. It may be out
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upper lobe. The left pleural cavity contained 200 c.c.
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mar, and which confirms all the assertions of the German physicians. The
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cretion or impacted feces. Tenderness over McBurney's
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years ago he first noticed a diminution in the size of the stream ; and at
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taken for the establishment of the microscopic reaction in the different
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him aright, and that the error is that of the judg-
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has had the disease upon him for years before its presence is distinctly
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two cases of operations upon, or injuries to, joints prepared by Mr.
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if any other — even one single other remedy — ^have been used in
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acid does no harm ; it is possible it may do good. Treatment
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plugging vessels), or by thrombosis (escape of a fluid and
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In treating the indolent bubo, the general health must be amended
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gone. Pulse 100, temperature and respiration normal.
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familiar to the public by the official or unofficial in-
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Cong. 1890, Berl., 1891, v, 14. Abth., 71-73.— Rnegg (C.)
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vital forces ; and they are urgently indicated in proportion as the ten-
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viated towards the left, and there was marked hemi-
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the experiment. He moved about, ate his meals, and slept, as usual. On the
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paramcecia placed in a quinin solution 1/20000 did not
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" La frequence du pouls est en raison inverse de la tension art^rielle."
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Recapitulation. — Hospitals, 13,^62 cases; 17 deaths;
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(Prom the Ovnecological Clinic of the John* Bopkitu Hotpital.)
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essential of every profession as distinguished from a trade
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young— in three instances a second attack. Others had ac^ue,
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left of the median line, simulating a distended bladder.
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any remains of capsule, while, in the left, a narrow rim of the whitened mem-